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Kia ora and welcome to our kaupapa (foundation) Kahu Whakatere Tupapaku.  Our whanau are working diligently at preserving and maintaining some of our ancient Maori practices for those who choose to accept there is a place for non embalming, no coffin in our burial practices in our society in Aotearoa (New Zealand)

One of the aims of our practice is to change the way people think about death, dying and after death practices and to implement practical solutions that were once part of our culture.  Included and imbedded throughout our practice is tikanga (custom or tradition) Maori that includes working with wairua (spiritual connections) with Papatuanuku (Mother of Earth) and Ranginui (Father of Sky) being acknowledged for their constant support in providing the natural resources to accomplish a  very pleasing outcome.

This does not eliminate cost nor commitment, in fact the mere thought of that should be bannished but what we clearly have is an amazing process, product and service that will indeed satisfy the needs of nature and addresses sustainability to a degree that enhances Papatuanuku that adds to her being healed.  The fact is we have the ability to change the world and to take care of our Aatua Papatuanuku and Ranginui and to make this a safer place to live without the toxins that fill Mother Earth or the poisons that are emitted in cremation.  The cost is energy and time to commit to the process, this exceeds purchasing anything offered by funeral directors.  

It takes more people to manufacture this.  People power brings about energy and a spirit of healing which permeates the lives of family and those who participate during this time.  It works through the family members, each one experiencing their own feelings while sharing, caring, nurturing and healing. By looking in and sensing the beauty of what is being woven and created from Papatuanuku has people thinking more deeply about using natural resources and a process that s ancient in nature.

Our service and product is to make available an alternative to western cultural practices surrouding tikanga Maori death, dying and after death.  This is indeed another approach to preserving Papatuanuku and Ranginui by using natural resources through out the whole process with sustainablity at the fore.

A coffin is not used but a waka (transporter) is created from natural wood.  The body is wrapped with natural products from the bush then placed in a kopaki (mat) then enshrouded with another whariki (mat).  All the time this is happening there is a constant relationship going on with te ao wairua (spirit world), the wairua (spirit of the dead) and those who are on earth.  The dead person is regarded as a sacred object and is treated as such throughout the whole process until burial.  Once that is completed the person working with the wairua of that person can be relinquished from the role.  The process is indeed homegrown and organic.  We may not appear in suits and ties, our workers are in their work clothes which might consist of gumboots, rain gear, jackets, track pants, but the whole process is treated with great reverence, respect and honour.  This is our point of difference which makes it Maori and embraces our culture. 

Preparing a person for death is sometimes not a practice we want to undertake, however it is becoming more acceptable amongst our culture with more Maori seeking this form of participation in planning their readiness for dying and death.  This process is to create a body and mind that is truly ready to die and to remain in a "good" state throughout the time of laying in state at the marae or at home.  Our mission is to provide the best tikanga Maori process embracing dying, death and afterdeath using practices of our ancestors.



Visitor's notice

Kahu Whakatere Tupapaku provides a unique service and process, it is not widely experienced but when the choice is made to use this service, call us, KWT will talk you through and offer you an opportunity to accept the process.  The utmost respect in a tikanga (culturally) Maori way will be accorded the whanau (family) from the first visit to the last visit.  

Operating and depending on financial support from koha (gifting) is now not a soluiton to our committed workers who travel and work for one day making kahu whakatere.  We now add a cost to the process so whanau who use this process have an idea of how we value our workers, the process and the generocity of resources from Papatuanuku is taken into consideration.  Hidden costs are often identified at the end of the day and sometimes are not factored into the price.  Prices for kahu whakatere will be posted as soon as the whanau (family/team) have decided what they believe is a fair cost for this product and service.





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